Friday, 9 November 2012

Bad News, Good News

Let's start with bad news - my car is knackered - the ignition barrel needs replaced and it's gonna cost way too much due to a whole heap of stuff that is linked to the ignition barrel having to be replaced  as well for it to continue working, so the hunt is on for another work runabout.
However, I did get a loan of the OH's car to get to work this morning - how many gardeners do you think drive to work in an XJ8 ????

Now the good news - I got another new toy for the garden - a lovely set of tripod ladders!!

These were put to use immediately and I have started to sort out all the trees and roses on the SF wall - and I have to say that these ladders make the job a whole heap easier and safer - I can now reach to top of the wall without having to overstretch or having to resort to walking precariously alonh the sloping wall top. - happy days indeed.
Other than this, I spent the morning clearing the long border. These are now are more or less cleared for winter, but there are still one or two plants hanging on in there. I cleaned up another four dahlia tubers, gifted by another garden I work at, and these have joined the others in the greenhouse.
Talking of greenhouses, Sally has removed all the green tomatoes and made chutney with them, so I also cleared out the tomato plants and canes so now I have more room to putsome overwintering plants.
I also helped Richard log and block another two laods of firewood from the trees that I felled when I started in the garden - and we have started on the trees that are in and around where the new veg patch is going.
Speaking of the new veg patch, Sally has come up with a rough draft of what she would like and it meets with my approval so it's full steam ahead - will fill you in with details as time goes on.