Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bit of a mixed bag this week

Today the weather forecast was not too good but apart from a strong breeze this afternoon it was actually quite pleasant. Got lots of little jobs done. But to start with, an apology for the lack of piccies this week - I did take a few but the computer and the camera are having a bit of an argument and the computer is refusing to let the camera download so sorry, sorry, sorry!
Sally brought down some Dahlia tubers she had ordered from T&M. These were from their Sky High range so were planted at the far end of the lower herbaceous border at the prescribed depth and distance. There are six varieties but nothing to say what colours each are, so we'll just have to wait and see - each is clearly labelled so we'll know what to expect when we start propogating from them next year.
Then I potted on the Hollyhocks from their cell pack into 3" pots - 27 from a 54 cell pack. This might not seem very positive (to save you the trouble it's exactly 50%) but the seed was self saved ( though not by me)and should probably have been sown a bit earlier but 27 free plants are not to be sniffed at!
The remaining sweet peas were planted into large pots and placed alongside the Runner Beans that are in pots up by the potting shed - both beans and peas will be trained over the arch of the potting shed entrance.
I then planted out two Hebes at the far end of the rosebed, and pinched out the growing tips on the two Hebes that have been grown from cuttings to encourgae them to bush up a bit more.
Having looked at the veg plants still in the greenhouse, it was decided that they shoud be planted in the new veg area, so I dug over a small bed (approx 8' x 4') - this gave me a taste of what is to come - a barrow and a half of roots from that small area ! Anyway, I got it dug over, and it is now home to the Crimson flowered Broad Beans, the last three Runner Bean Achievement and some Beetroot Chioggia. I managed to find room for the last six Brokali plants in the temporary veg bed so that only leaves the cauliflower, cabbage, calabrese, PSB and more chard to find a home for - will need to dig another bed next week methinks!
I sank pots beside the toms and the cucumber in the greenhouse today to make watering them both easier and more effective - I don't know why I didn't do it at the time as this how I always grow my own toms and cukes, but anyway, no harm done and it's another job out the way.
In the herbaceous borders,I dead headed the Oriental Poppies - I know that they are big and bright when in full bloom and that they flower for what seems like forever, but when they start to go over, they are one of the scruffiest plants I know. I also staked the peonies and a couple of the taller perennials that are yet to flower and finally I moved one of the Ceanothus, variety Blue Mound, as it was getting lost in mid border, so it has a new home at the front of the border where it's more prostrate form can be both seen and appreciated.
Oh yeah, and just because it needs to be done all the time, I did some more weeding !!!
That's it for this week - if the computer and camera start talking to each other again, I'll post the piccies as and when - if not you'll just have to wait til next week!

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