Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Rain Rain Go Away (Please!)

Another wet day in the garden - especially this afternoon. So it was just a case of weeding, weeding and more weeding - the weeds seem to be the only things that enjoy this weather. Before I start on about what other jobs got done or need doing as soon as the weather picks up, here is todays piccie of the border from the potting shed

All the PSB that I had planted out last week was munched sometime on Sunday night / Monday morning - wood pigeons are the prime suspects. Sally went and bought some net and they are now netted, so lets just hope the flying rats have left the growing tips intact, if not on all the plants then on the majority. The plants have been eaten right back to the ribs, not a single patch of main leaf remains, so I have some doubts, but we'll wait and see.
All the other brassicas are fine and Sally has been picking the Brokalli for the last couple of weeks. I lifted a couple of tattie plants today to have a look see, but they are still a bit small, though they looked nice and clean from what I could see.
In the greenhouse, pinched out the tomato sideshoots, tied the new growth onto the canes, and did the same with the cuke. Thr Capsicums haven't put on as muich growth as I would have expected as yet - maybe they are still settling in. The chard is looking good, and both Richard and Sally had some the other night which they both enjoyed, which is good.
The aubergines in 5 litre pots are beginning to flower too, so all in all the greenhouse is doing okay.
The Campanula clumps planted against the south facing wall are now about 6ft high and so I tied them all back to the wall wires to stop them leaning too far into the garden and collapsing. I also staked the sea hollies as these were prone to collapsing last year.
The only new arrivals in the border are the Achillea Summer Pastels, which had started to flower last week but looked better this week.
Richard collected a load of gravel from the local quarry this afternoon, so next week I'll barrow it down to fill the greenhouse floor and also put some on the log steps down to the greenhouse. Also on the list for next weekend - clear last of the poppies, stake whatever needs staked, deadheading, weeding (no suprise there) and if we get a dry Wednesday, another blast of glyphosate on the area cleared by the digger a while back -it's getting a bit too green again.
That's it - not a very exciting day today thanks to the weather but if it was hot and dry all the time I'd be moaning about having to water everything.
Til next week

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