Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Beautiful winters day

Today was a cracker - sun, blue skies, no wind. I woke up to find that most of the hard white frostof the last two days had vanished but the ground was still rock hard, so my plan to get up to Scotsburn and plant up the thirty or so primulas in the small borders in front of the big house was thwarted, as was the digging over of the rest of last years veg bed.
So it was back to cutting back the beech hedge on the top side but as I have reached the point where the cotoneaster hedge meets it at right angles, I set about it instead. This hedge is severely overgrown and has sprawled to a width of about 6ft and a height of about 7 - 8ft. So I have set about it with a petrol hedgetrimmer, a chainsaw and some heavy duty loppers and have so far cut about a third of it's length back to about 4ft high and in so doing reducing the width to about 2ft. Running up the middle of the hedge is an old fence, complete with chicken wire but the hedge had grown over through and under this fence so it may have to stay in situ, My hope is that by cutting it back severely, it will encourage new growth from lower down and the hedge can be saved, but if not the whole lot will be ripped out and the hedge replanted.
That's about it really -pruned one of the small apple trees as I was passing and lifted a row of leeks for Sally.
Camera woes continue so only one photo this week - the view from the potting shed. I put fresh batteries in the camera this morning before I left the house, amd they went flat after two pics!! - so I'll change cameras as I need to start getting some piccies of what I'm doing!

See ya next week

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