Friday, 15 June 2012

Get a move on

Another photo-less entry this week as I had to take an older camera as Maggie needed to use the Nikon for her work - took a lot of oictures but on my return home, neuther of us could find the lead to connect the camera to the 'puter and in spite of turning the place upside down and back again, the whereabouts of said lead remains a mystery.
Anyway, what did I acomplish this week - well to start I hoed the weeds round the cordon sweet peas, then put more support rings on them and removed all tendrils and sideshoots. Most are beginning to motor with only one or two poor looking specimens.
I then weeded the veg in this years patch and it t5oo mis beginning to do something now that the days are a bit warmer and longer (though the temperature still drops quite considerably at night.)
Then, to help me diodge the showers, I went down to the greenhouse where I potted on all the dahlia cuttings into individual pots - we have 42 very healthy young plants now which should help fill any gaps in the long borders for this year,
I also pinched out any side shoots on the tomatoes and potted on the two chilli plants whilst I was there and gave everything  a good soaking.
Then it was back to weeding the top border for the remainder of the day.
As for new flowers on the scene - astrantia in full bloom - both maxima and rubra, the white original garden iris is now flowering,  as are more of the roses that are trained against the SF wall.
Anyway, back next Tuesday - with lots of piccies.

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