Saturday, 23 February 2013

A wee bit chilly

The weather has been beautiful all week up here, with beautuiful clear blue skies every day. Unfortunately it is still February so the clear skies can only mean one thing - hard frosts every morning. This morning was no exception and it was -6 this morning as I arrived at Scotsburn.
Given the ground hasn't had a chance to thaw out all week, there was lirrle to be done with the beds and borders etc, so it was out with the chainsaw and more logging and blocking done, to clear more of the felled trees.
I also cut down the cotoneaster that was growing up through the beech hedge and pulled it clear of the hedge - no point in having it slow down any growth the beech wants to put on.
In the greenhouse, the exhibition sweet peas are just beginning to show through the compost and the onion sets are putting down roots.
So, not the most exciting day garden wise but all the felled timber needs to be cut up and removed so that the next phase of the garden improvement can proceed. One more day with the saw should see the bulk, if not all, of the felled trees cleared.
Thats it for this week.

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