Thursday, 21 April 2011

Greenhouse - not so easy peasy!

When I arrived this week, most of the roof glazing had been done
So, myself, Richard and Sally set about glazing the remainder of the roof section and then we started on the sides - this is where the problems started. It took us a long, long time to figure it out but the two base rails that form the extension end of the greenhouse (the back 8 ft section) were on the wrong sides and so a lot of little aluminium bolts had to be undone, struts pulled out of the way, the base rails swapped over, then we were off and running, so that when I left, the roof section, including 5 roof vents, and both sides, including two sets of louvres were complete.
My two daughters came to visit as Maggie was otherwise engaged in the morning, so the girls came to see where their dad goes on Wednesdays - they were both very impressed by the size of the garden. Iona loved the apple trees which were just right for climbing on.............

and Niamh thought the summerhouse was cool, so she hung out there and produced some more of her fine artwork................

On to the garden itself and I'm pleased to say that both the chery trees seem to have responded well to the Winter Wash they received as the leaves are out (as is some blossom) and there is not a trace of blackfly, which last year appeared in swarms as soon as the trees thought about producing anything that remotely resembled a leaf!.
And one final picture, by the entrance door to the garden, is a pear tree (variety uncertain but possibly a Beurre of some sort) now in blossom, but look at the colour of those tulips - gorgeous or what!

Anyway, see you all next week

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