Thursday, 7 April 2011

Another wet day in paradise!

Yet another day that found the soil too wet to work! I did however manage to weed the two small beds either side of the summerhouse that are planted up with an assortment of bulbs. This was mainly due to the protection from the elements afforded by the summerhouse itself and from the two trees in either bed - a Garrya Elliptica and a Viburnum respectively. I also pruned the last of the apple trees and a couple of roses that I had somehow missed.
It was the last day that I had the kids from the Rural Skills work placement as they are off for Easter and then on study leave before sitting their exams.

From Left to Right; Duncan, Robert, Ben and Stephen
 I got them to break out the old greenhouse foundation that was running across the floor area of the new greenhouse using a sledgehammer (provided by Richard as in spite of my note to self last week, I forgot to take mine!). We also loaded all the old wire and netting onto a trailer and after Richard and myself tried to teach the guys how to tie a Lorryman's Kinch, Richard took it away for us, so that's another pile of rubbish out of the way. And to go out with a bang, whilst waiting on their minibus the boys decide to mess about at the burn, with the inevitable outcome - Stephen, whilst trying to launch Robert into the water,ended up underwater himself and completely soaked through.
Things continue to green up apace (though the weeds seem to green up quicker than anything else) and the daffodils are giving it loads, brightening the garden up considerably.
Sally came down to see what was happening and we discovered several clumps of tulips and what look like peonies on the bottom banking that was covered by trees and scrub and seem to be revelling in their new found daylight. She also brought down some onion sets (variety Setton) and as the veg plot is not quite ready yet, I potted these into 3" pots to get them going.
Hopefully we'll get the greenhouse up next week -watch this space.
To finish here are a couple of photos of a few of the different daffies in the garden.

See you again next week.....................................

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  1. I love your blog, I am sure the boys have really appreciated their time with you for their rural skills course, a bit of demolition sounds perfect!!!