Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Dreich Day

Today was pretty dreich and the ground wasn't really fit to do much with so I held off from starting on the fruit bed. So, as I had to leave at lunchtime to take over duties looking after my 3 year old daughter who isn't at all well, it seemed to make more sense to do some of the smaller jobs that needed to be done.
Dragged all the old fencewire and netting from the bottom of the garden up to the top to await the trailer to cart it all away.
Dug out and exposed the old greenhouse foundations that were running across the middle of the new greenhouse floor space so that they can be smashed out next week (note to self - remember sledgehammer!) and finished weeding the far end of the lower herbaceous border.
Watered the seed trays and pots that required it in the potting shed. As yet, only the Winter Density lettuce, sown on March 16th,  has germinated, so turned the pot to straighten the seedlings as they were leaning towards the light.
The daffodils in the herbaceous borders are beginning to flower in numbers now and everything seems to be recovered from the sorry state that this winter's weather left it in - pretty much everything in the borders is greening up and budding, so hopefully we won't get any more really hard frosts.
That's it til next week folks.


  1. Dave, this is Tim, Richards cousin. i enjoyed reading your blog and would like to help you, Richard and Sally in the process of rebuilding. could you let me know some thoughts of plants that would work well as I would like to donate/pay for a selection of shrubs and perennials. i hope we can start a conversation, identify a good supplier and I can become part of your team, albeit, from NY USA!
    my direct email is best, tim

  2. Hi Tim
    Good to hear from you - will e- mail you this week. It'll be good to have someone who knows the garden to bounce a few ideas about. Sorry it's taken so long to reply - Computer got sick and had to go and be deep cleaned!!

  3. I am Sally's sister I live in Oxford. I have heard so much about the garden's progress how great to now see it too via your blog. Jan