Friday, 5 August 2011

Better late than never

Sorry about making you wait for a couple of days but it's been pretty busy Chez Moi, Anyway, to business - and as usual here is this weeks pic from the potting shed
First things firdst I checked on the greenhouse, where I found two of the aubergine plants sitting outside, one of which was looking very very sorry for itself. Sally later told me of a serious infestation of whitefly over the weekend which pretty much killed one plant and the other is pretty damaged but may recover - anyway, the two healthiest looking plants have been sprayed and we'll wait and see.
The tomatoes were denuded to about 3 ft - or to the level of the latest truss to set - all these plants are still looking healthy and green. The peppers are still a bit slow but the chard and cucumber are both now in full harvest mode. I planted some lettuce along the front of the tomatoes before I moved onto my main objective for the day - further reclamation of the Fruit bed - here it is just after I started

And here is what was achieved - removing tons of fireweed, blackcurrant bushes that had gone feral,, sycamore and ash seedlings, cleavers, nettles etc etc etc

As you may also see, a lot of black polythene was laid on the ground but the bed had been left that long that not only was stuff growing through it but there was a layer of about 3" of well rotted leaf mould on top of it.
As for what is new in the garden,


Self seeded Lupins

The purple Buddleija

And more sweet peas.

Anyway, that's all for this week - will try and get more time next week to update you all on what's happening on the veg front as well as the flower front - just really busy at the moment.
See ya next week

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