Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Good Scottish rain -straight down!

In contrast to the last couple of Wednesdays, today was wet - in fact to say it was wet would be a hell of an understatement. I am typing this at 21.40 hrs and if anything the rain is getting heavier and there has been no let up all day. Who'd be a gardener ? With the winds we've suffered the last couple of days and todays non stop downpour, the borders are looking pretty sorry for themselves - what happened to summertime ?
Anyway, enough moaning - you'd think I was a farmer!
Here is this weeks photo of the boorders from the potting shed

First off the greenhouse. I pinched the tops out on the tomatoes today as we are starting to run out of weeks to get the tomatoes to ripen, but each plant now has sufficient truss numbers.

The greenhouse is also currently home to a Calamondon which is starting to flower.

The leaves however are not their normal glossy green selves

I'm not 100% certain but I think it may be sooty mould that is on the leaves - if anyone out there knows better, let me know.

Elsewhere, I lifted a row of Charlotte potatoes and although one plant seemed to have a prevalence of scab, the rest were nice and clean. However I also lifted the onions today as they had started to go over and those that hadn't had been knocked for six by the weather.
Although those pictured above, hanging in the potting shed are all okay, I did find five amongst them which look to have White Rot

If this is the case then no more onions in this bed. Fortunately this shouldn't be too much of an issue as this veg bed is only temporary and hopefully by next Spring we shall have a set of raised beds to grow our vegetables in.
This leads on nicely to what I did next. Spurred on by the sight of White Rot in the onions, I got my builders line out and marked out where the new veg beds will be going. Including the two temporary beds that currently have veg growing in them, there is sufficient room to have 13 raised beds, each 4ft wide and 8ft long with a 2ft wide path between them - all I need now is 312ft of gravel boards and 52 corner posts!!
Whilst there I staked the broad beans higher up as they too had taken a beating from the winds of Monday and Tuesday.
After that I cut back some of the wilder overgrown roses along the back edge of the lower border, spread some slug bait round the dahlias (first buds showing) and sunflowers (ditto on the bud front) and tied up the Achillea and Centaurea which the weather had flattened.
By this time I was completely soaked through and enough was enough. The only new blooms this week are the Sea Hollies

So that's it for this week

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