Wednesday, 5 October 2011

After the winds we have had all week I was expecting quite a bit of damage in the garden but the only casualty was one of the Sinflower Pastiche plants which had snapped at the base. Anyway, here is this weeks pic from the potting shed

The borders are beginning to go over a bit so you may (or may not) notice a few things seem to be missing - in particular the buddleijas have gone - only the base stumps remain and these will be cut back even further this year to try and control the size of the plants. There are numerous baby budds dotted about in the borders and these will be lifted and potted up for replanting in the Spring in the bottom part of the garden. I have also started cutting down various perrenials,, especially the campanulas that are aginst the wall and have started to divide and replant clumps of the Achillea, and will be doing the same with the geraniums soon too. There are various plants that will need moved either soon or in the Spring and Sally has another batch of perennial plugs due to arrive anytime so these will also be potted up toawait Spring planting.
After digging over the rasp bed last week, I now have the deer posts so will set to that next week as Sally has decided what varieties of raspberries she would like, although they are not yet ordered.
I also cleared a path through the scrub at the far end of the garden so that I can get my composting area set up ready to take all the dead growth from the borders.
The last of the Dahlias has produced two flowers and although it is almost two weeks later than the rest, I think it was worth the wait.
Also flowering this week we still have geraniums, echinacea, some achillea, sweet peas, roses, lupins, scabious, astrantia, verbena bonariensis, a coule of oriental poppies, erysimum and phlox. We have also managed to het some heleniums to flower - this might not sound too impressive but this the third batch that has been planted ion the borders and the only one to actually do anything !

Anyway, that's it for this week, back next Tuesday..

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