Tuesday, 18 October 2011

No piccies again !!!

Apologies but no pics again this week. I put fresh batteries straight out the pack into the camera this morning but when I got to the garden, the camera indicator showed flat battery / low battery power!
Anyway, the day started out dull and overcast and went downhill rapidly with heavy, almost constant rain and it began to blw a real hoolie about 12 o'clock and is still giving it yee-hah as I type.
Still no sign of the perennial plugs that Sally has ordered, but checked on the primulas and buuddlieas in the greenhouse and they are all doing fine. Started to cut down more of the perennials in the herbaceous borders - achillea (again) and a white geranium that has not really put up much of a display this year, This was a "garden original" and having cut down all the growth on the four large clumps, I think that it will definitely benefit from being divided this year.
Cut down the runner beans too, after picking what was left (actually quite a few) as the beans wil start to get hard and unpalatable with the onset of this colder weather. I also pulled up some scabby cauliflower and a coule of split cabbage, as well as a black tuscan kale plant that was infested with caterpillars, which after some peeking on the Interweb, looked like those of the Peacock butterfly. All of these went over the back of the garden to my newly started and as yet unrestrained compost heap.
After dinner I started to clear the small bed by the gate, removing the Sweet Peas and cutting back both the shrub roses and the Silver Pear Tree - the latter only having branches pruned where they were smothering the young lilac bush. After this, I weeded the bed and raked up the Lime and sycamore leaves that come in over the wall, tyen on my way to the compost heap, dug up some more lupins!
I had planted two Hebes in this bed - Purple Shamrock- and whilst one was nice and bright, the other which had been overshaded by the sweet peas, was just a plain green colour, so hopefully we'll let more light into it and it will catch up with its mate again.
The two buddliea "trunks" that I sank into holes last week still have fresh looking foliage on them but they are probably still living off what they had in storage so time will tell if the are going to grow away or not. The berries are out on the holly trees and the birds are filling the garden -there were lots of them about today - eating berries, apples and pears.
Ovcer beside the raspberry patch, the PSB is looking good and the first florets are starting to burst through and the leeks are doing really well and should be ready to start lifting anytime really.
That's it for this week - will get the camera sorted for next week.

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