Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Beech Hedge restoration begins in earnest

No pics again but only cause there's not a lot to see at the moment. I will take some next week so you can see what I'm up to as regards bringing the beesch hedge back into some sort of order. Amazingly, we still have a few roses in bloom and through the slowly thawing snow I noticed a few pink and purple blooms on the pulmonaria in the boder against the wall.
Anyway, today started off fairly pleasant weather wise albeit a it parky. However by 3pm it was foul with strong winds and heavy snow - why did I choose gardening over an office job? It used to be that I could console myself with the thoughts of working outdoors during long hot summers but we haven't seen one of them for 4 or 5 years now.
Sally came down to the garden first thing this morning to show me what had been decided re the beech hedge and the cotoneaster growing in front of, through and behind it. Basically all the cotoneaster is to be removed other than those plants that are growing uop the middle of the beech and the beech hedge itself to be cut back quite hard to encourage fresh growth and help it bush out.
So with chainsaw, pruning saw, loppers and secateurs in the barrow, I set about it, and after a full day I have done about half. However, having removed the Cotoneaster at the front of the hedge, I think we shoud remove the cotoneaster growing up the middle too - spoke to Sally and I think we agree that this would be better.
Anyway, the burn piles are increasing and will continue to do so weekly from now til whenever we can start a fire.
That's it - like I said nothing too exciting but it will be worth the slog in the end.

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