Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Takin' it Easy

After putting my back out and being barely able to walk out the forest on Monday, thisTuesday at Scotsburn was a day for the lighter jobs.
So, when Sally appeared with the sweet pea seeds, I brought the compost - 2 x 25 litre John Innes Seed Sowing Compost and 1 x 120 litre Multi-Purpose - down to the garden and started sowing the sweet peas

These are all from Unwins and three of these varieties will be grown as cordons with a view to to exhibiting the blooms, with the remaining blend being grown up cane wigwams in the borders.
The varieties should look like the following photos;

Sweet Pea Daphne

Sweet Pea Royal Wedding

Sweet Pea Pink Pearl

And for the borders, Flowers Arrangers Blend of Sweet Peas

The seeds were all sown  in 3" pots, 3 seeds per pot of John Innes Seed Compost which worked out well as there were 21 of each of the show varieties and 54 of the Blend so every pot has 3 seeds.

All these plus another 30 sweet pea seeds (Fragrantissima from T&M) are now resident in the greenhouse.

After this was done, I got on my hands and knees for the rest of the day and started hand weeding the lower of the two long borders - removing ;ots of young willowherb and creeping buttercup and a few baby docks too. I also put up the first Sweet Pea wigwam after I had weeded past the area it is now situated.

Slly also intinmated that she would be ordering a new toy for the garden that day - a 4 stroke Mantis Deluxe Tiller, so I'm looking forward to that arriving - hopefully the ground will be slightly more workable by then than it is currently

That's about it for this week, all that's left is this week's view from the potting shed

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