Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mid March

Well, here we are in the middle of March and things are still threatening to burst into life in the garden, but are not quite there yet. The Pulmonaria which has been in flower for the last two weeks is looking more spectacular with each passing week......

Whilst the daffodils that are in the long borders are just on the point of bursting into flower.......

.....there are a couple that already have. This first one is a dwarf daffodil planted in the small bulb bed by the summerhouse......

and this is one of the original doubles that are located along the line of the path just below this years veg patch under the large holly tree.......

Elsewhere in the garden, there are buds appearing everywhere, as well as weeds, so I started my day by hand weeding the top long border and got about one third of it's length done. I then got the Mantis out and rotovated some more of the ground that will be used for this years veg. There are still a lot of roots that need to be dug up before the Masntis will look at the ground, but once it gets going it's a great machine, and it doesn't wreck your body in the way the large rotovators do. Anyway, some more ground has been blackened and I will do a bit more again next week if it stays dry.

I also sowed some self saved lupin seed as Sally would like a wall of lupins just below the hedge of the lower long border and there aren't as many self-seeded plants in the border this year.
The greenhouse continues to flourish with everything greening up nicely and most of the sweet peas are through.
And just to prove that patience really is a virtue, I sowed some tree peony seeds that I gathered at another garden I work at,  about 18 months ago - left them outside for the best part of that time and today,,, look what I have... a baby tree peony !!!!!

To finish the day off I lifetd some more leeks and cut some PSB for Sally.
And finally, here is this weeks piccie of the borders from the potting shed. See you all again next week.

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