Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Weeds, Weeds, No more weeds

I spent almost the entire day on my knees, hand weeding the remainder of the long borders and not a moment too soon as some of the weeds had flowered and would no doubt have set seed before next week, starting the whole cycle off again. As it is, both the long borders are now completely weeded and looking good, especially as things begin to green up and send up new shoots, The daffies are beginning to flower too, which helps add a bit more colour, the geraniums that were divided many many many times at the end of last season and replanted along the inside of the box hedge are starting to put out leaves, the oriental poppies are beginning to bulk up, the campanulas against the wall are beginning to do the same, in fact the whole border looks completely different from the way it looked not so long ago. And there are somewhere in the region of 100 more perennials in the greenhouse to fill it up even more, not counting the tray of lupins I sowed last week (two of which are already up)
Anyway, after watering the contents of the greenhouse, I didn't do much bar weeding, so not really a very exciting week to report, so I'll just show you some piccies and be done with this week.

First off, the clump of daffies by the door into the garden

followed by the contents of the greenhouse

The Rhubarb is really starting to motor (it'll soon hide the remaining Ground Elder!)

And another ariel shot of the long herbaceous borders (okay, not quite ariel but taken from the top of the potting shed)

And finally, a weekly report wouldn't be the same without the view from the potting shed.


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