Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tain Horticultural Show 2012

Well done to Sally on her succesful defence of the her Sweet Pea title today. First in the class for 6 SweetPeas (single variety).......

and First in the class for 12 Sweet Peas (Mixed, minimum of three varieties).......

As you can see, it was the latter display of 12 blooms that led to the recapture of the Mounteagle Shield again this year. So the plan was to defend the title at Tain, and in addition we have a second and third at Dornoch Flower Show and we have Alness in a fortnight - so it ain't over yet. !
Oh yeah, and just like at Dornoch, a 2nd prize for a vase of perennials (and unlike me and the bucket at Dornoch, sally used a proper vase!)

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