Thursday, 19 May 2011

A new weed!

Not a lot to say this week really - due to a technical malfunction, the digger didn't materialise to start Phase 2, so it was back to the long borders for some more weeding - and as if having nettles, thistles, dockens, dandelions, shepherds purse, annual willowherb, rosebay willowherb and ground elder wasn't bad enough, I have discovered the first traces of Bindweed in the second of the two borders - all I need is Horsetail to make my set complete!!
Anyway, as always, things in the border have progressed again, though it hasn't been quite so warm this week but there has been some rain ( which is why the weeds were needing seen to again!). As always, here are some piccies, starting with the border itself. I am going to take one of this view each week so that I (and anyone else who cares to have a look at this blog) can see the changes as the year progresses.

And here is one looking down the temporary veg bed, from foreground to background we have Rhubatb, onions, lettuce, potatoes, petit posy and brokali, potatoes, carrots, potatoes. Still to go in are leeks, Hispi cabbage, savoy cabbage, chard, psb, kale, broad beans and courgettes - though most of these will have to be planted up elsewhere in the garden this year. I have planted the runner beans in two large pots either side of the Potting Shed arch and these will be trained up over the willow sticks that were fixed there last year.

And here are some final shots of what is new in flower this week. First up is Astrantia

Followed by Lupins

And finally some Geum

That's it for this week folks, catch you again next week.............................

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  1. Quality set of weeds you've got there! I have some horsetail if you want some ;>)

    Borders are looking good.