Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yet another scorcher!!

The good weather continues, and thanks to days where we got some rain but it still managed to stay nice and warm, things really are starting to motor and flowers are ready to burst out all over the place. Most of the tulips have now gone over, though the ones planted in the rosebed are hanging on in there, the poppies and the white geraniums are in full swing, there are a couple of roses open just by the gate, the first hemerocallis opened today and numerous other perennials are on the point of flowering.

So, on to what I did today. First off I planted out the brassica plants from the greenhouse - the Petit Posy (sprout x kale) and the Stem Broccoli . 1 dozen of the first and a dozen and a half of the latter. I also tried to prick out a pot of lettuce Salad Bowl Mixed that Sally had been given, but after getting a dozen or so into the ground, I gave up as I was destroying too many - their roots were a tangled mess. So I took the remaining clump, potted it up and gave it to Sally to take up to the kitchen to use as CCA salad leaves.
I planted up the 4 bamboo wigwams I erected last week with sweet peas (Horizon Mixed) and also planted up some Primrose and Primula plants that I brought back from my mum's garden in Glasgow at the weekend.
So what's left in the greenhouse?
There are still some Heleniums that Sally already has a spot earmarked for in the long borders, the Hollyhock and delpninium seedlings, the 54 cell pack of assorted veg, the runner beans and broad beans, a few Sunflower Pastiche, three courgettes plants, a dozen tomato plants, a cucumber plant and 5 Capsicum plants.
I laid the four large slabs at the entrance to the greenhouse today - they are laid on top of granite dust and we have decided that the rest of the floor area will be gravel. The beds will be filled next week.
And on the subject of next week, the digger is coming! Work to landcape / terrace the middle section of the garden is planned to start next Wednesday - so Phase Two commences!
This is what it looks like just now.
The plan (at the moment - always subject to change until it is finally completed of course) is to have a semi circular area sweeping round the existing apple trees, a level area about 12ft wide along the bottom hedgeline which will be where the vegetable beds will go and the top area, which will be slightly sloped will be planted up with shrubs and small trees and will have a winding path through them. As I say, that's the plan - watch this space!!
And finally, at Richards behest, I dug up some self seeded Horse Chestnuts and potted them up. As you all know, there is a saying "Big Oaks from little acorns grow",  Well, if we can succesfully translate that into "Big Chestnuts from little conkers grow" we'll all be happy people, though it might take a while for these.......

 to get to be as spectacular as this stand just outside the garden..........

Well, if they keep growing, who knows, maybe Jen's grandchildren will enjoy them !!

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