Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Well, D Day arrived this morning - and the D stands for digger! Percy and Alan arrived this morning and set about transforming the middle section of the garden. So that you can appreciate what was done, here is a piccie I took before they started .............

and here is one during.....................

And here are a couple that show how it looked when they ( or more accurately, Alan) finished.............

So what we now have is a flat area at the bottom of the slope approx 4m wide and 30m long. This will be the site of the new veg area and although plans are not yet confirmed for the sloped area, several ideas are being considered, including a shrub walk. Anyway, the sloped area is graded into where the first of the apple trees are situated and then there is a semi circular area, sloping down to the bottom hedge which takes in all the other apple trees in this mid-section of the garden. I've just read that back and it sounds as clear as mud - maybe I'll do a wee diagram in the future to try and clarify what has been done - then again, maybe I won't!
Now, although this all looks very good just now, in a few weeks it'll be as green as green can be, so I think my knapsack sprayer will take up residence in the garden for a while, to try and combat all the nasties that will surface.
The first thing that Alan did this morning was dig a nice deep hole to bury the very large pile of weeds that had accumulated from the start of the restoration of the herbaceous long borders and the temporary veg border. So I now know that the topsoil is at least a full metre in depth and is lovely and black all the way down to the hard - almost definitely imported at the beginning of the building of the garden. Anyway, 3 large buckets of this clean soil from deeper down was dumped over the bottom hedge and used to fill the beds in the greenhouse.

The beds were not filled completely to the top as that would leave no room for adding manure etc in future years but even so, there are a lot of wheelbarrow loads in there. The deeper bed is home to 5 Sweet Peppers "Californian Wonder", 1 Cucumber "Petita" and a short row of Swiss Chard "Bright Lights" which will be used as baby leaves for salads. The larger bed is home to assorted tomatoes - "Black Cherry", "Golden Sunrise" and "Tigerella" - and before anyone says anything, that slab was in two pieces before it was laid!!
Back to the long borders now and here is this weeks photo from the potting shed

New arrivals on the what's in flower front are two different iris

and other than these, it's the same as last week only more of them!
Now I need your help to identify a plant that appeared at the base of one of the "Governor" Cherry trees against the SF wall. I have attached a couple of pics below

It is not the most attractive plant, and the flower buds seem to have some sort of outer covering that resembles a cobweb! Remember to click on all the photos to enlarge them! So if anyone can help, please leave a comment - maybe I'm having a senior (ish) moment but my mind is completely blank on this one!
What else did I do today? - dead-headed the poppies and remaining tulips, sprayed one of the rose bushes for whitefly, cut out the blackfly infested new growth on the cherry trees and planted out the courgettes and Sally planted out the Heleniums that had been growing on in the greenhouse.
To finish this week, here is a pic of a little bee on a Star of Bethlehem flower - Enjoy. Catch up with you all again next week

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