Saturday, 12 November 2011

Feckin camera!

Took loads of piccies this week to make up for none last week, especially as the weather was fantastic - beautiful blue skies, not a breath of wind, definitely T shirt type weather. Got home - every single one blurred - must be a problem with the autofocus system as it was still beeping at me to say it was focused, and it did look focussed in the viewfinder but not in reality! So another week with no piccies I'm afraid, Will need to "borrow" Maggies camera next week!
I have had a large load of manure tipped into the garden at the far (and as yet untouched and still wild) end of the garden, and after a mooch about, found some old fenceposts so I could put up the first compost bin - 1 pallet wide and high and two pallets long. This is alongside the pile of manure so I spread some on the floor of the bin and will add more as the bin fills up - which it is doing quite rapidly!
So more deadheading and removal of unwanted lupins, all into the compost bin.
To get to the compost bin with the barrow, I have to pass the new raspberry beds and in doing so for the umpteenth time, I thought a path down the middle of the two beds would be a good idea. So off on the mooch again, uncovering large flagstones from various areas where they have been more of less buried under the weeds for a couple of decades. A quick clean up and a lot of sweat later, and there is now a nice stone flag path between the two rows.
After that, I finished dividing all the remaining white geranium clumps and finished planting the line of divisions along the inside of the top border hedge.
Whilst I was at it, I moved one of the Sea Hollies as it was getting lost amongst the Red Hot Pokers.
As a result of the recent spell of good weather, we still have dahlias floweing, as well as lupins, oriental poppies, white campanula, some of the roses, sunflowers, helenium, verbena bonariensis, scabious, geum and geraniums.
That's it for now - back next week - hopefully with some photos for you!

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