Sunday, 6 November 2011

Well, no pictures again this week as the borders are basically going to bed for the winter. However, this gives us the chance to re-assess where certain plants are planted, to divide larger clumps of perennials and take stock of the borders in general, planning for next year.
We can see which plants were successful and worked well, which need to be moved and also which plants will need to be staked at an earlier stage in their growth.
I spent most of the day, lifting and dividing perennials, moving and removing others and deadheading those that have gone over for the winter. I also potted up some more self sown buddleia plants and finally removed all the sweet peas from the borders.
As we move into the colder months now, it will be time to reclaim more of the garden from the wild, starting with the large beech hedge which needs to be brought back under control, and the removal of any large trees that are not where they should be. Also, the veg area for next year needs to be readied, the cut flower bed, which is the current veg bed, needs to be dug over and readied, and the hedge along the bottom perimeter of the garden needs to be shaped, sorted and the large sycamores and ash trees that are growing up through it will need to be felled too. All in all, a busy winter looms - at least it'll keep me warm !

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