Sunday, 29 July 2012


Another week passes and I just seem to get busier so sorry for the delay (again) in posting this weeks update. This week saw me do a lot of little bitty jobs in the morning - feeding,, tying in and side shooting the tomatoes, sideshooting and tying in the cordon sweet peas, deadheading lupins and dicussing potential sites for two new climbers she has been given as a present - a Winter Jasmine and a Solanum jasminoides album (potato vine).
I then went and got the strimmer and started to clear the long rosebay willowherb and other weeds from the area of what will be the new veg area. There is a lot of clearing and lifting to do but I'll get there - slowly slowly catchy monkey and all that.
In the borders this week we have yjthe Kiftsgate rose - still not in it's full glory but getting closer to it

The first flowers are out on the Hollyhocks....

And we got our first proper veg from the garden - beetroot, onions, Int. Kidney potatoes and a cabbage..

And to finish, here is this weeks pic of the borders from the potting shed....

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