Sunday, 15 July 2012

Gardening Club visit

Apologies for not posting sooner but I haven't been about in the evenings this last week.
Our local Grdening Club came for a look at the garden progress om Monday evening - so I had swapped my work days and spent Monday having a general tidy up and sorting out a few bits and pieces.
When the date was suggested I agreed thinking that when they visited the Kiftsgate rose would be in full bloom - but of course, with the season we've had it has only a few buds open - it will look truly spectacular sometime within the next fortnight .
Anyway, after checking on the cordon sweet peas, there are more blooms forming but quite a few of the buds that had formed last week have dropped off - having done a bit of research on the Interwebbby, (and being unable to find any trace of pests) I think this is "Bud Drop" and is caused by the variable weather we have been having - though I am not discounting small garden birds  Anyway, there seem to be plenty more buds forming now so they remain on track for show day in 5 weeks time.
Elsewhere in the garden, Sally is struggling to keep up with the CCA Salad mix in the greenhouse

And the first full flush of lupins is coming to an end - I dead headed approximately 120 blooms but the second flush is already appearing ! Firther staking of plants was also carried out and the beds were given a quick weed with the Wolf Soil Miller.
The wren's nest in the potting shed is now occupied by three youngsters so I have been consigned to the Summerhouse for the time being as the Mother Wren doesn't like me being in there

Finally here is this weeks pic from the potting shed (taken before I moved out!) and some of the new blooms in the garden......

Geranium Johnsons Blue
Paeony Sara Bernhardt

Peruvian Lily

Rose Climbing Iceberg


  1. You have a lovely garden!!! Very pleasant to look through the photos!

    1. Glad you like it so far Tamara. Give it another couple of years and I hope it will begin to resemble the finished article. It's a big job on one day a week but I'm up for the challenge !!