Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Welcome to July !

Well, here we are in July - not that you'd know it.Maybe we'll get some nice weather in September ?
The day began with the morning ritual of tying in the cordon sweet peas and removing any sideshoots and tendrils as I go. Most of the sweet peas are looking good with quite a few showing their first flower buds this week

After that it was into the greenhouse to sideshoot the tomatoes and tie them in to their cane supports. All now have their first flowers (and in the case of the Gardeners Delight, their second truss of flowers too) and I gave them all a feed of Tomorite.
Back outside and it was onto the old rose bed, which has had a good thick layer of FYM sitting on it for some months now. his was well rotted down and so I got the Mantis out and rotavated the bed to incorporste the FYM get it fit for planting up.

The first new plants in were the remaining 24 dahlia cuttings.After this I staked more of the perennials in the long borders and tied in the Hollyhocks, the tallest of which is now well over 7ft.

Then it was back to weeding and removing rose suckers as a general tidy up -the locl Gardening Club are visiting next Monday night and I want to have the place looking halfway tidy !!
owever, no sooner had I stared this than the heavens opened - here is theis weeks border photo taken as the rain was easing....

Whilst it was tipping it down, I sloped off to the greenhouse to stay dry and sowe three seed trays of Canterbury Bells - these will go into the borders next year but need started now.

After the rain eased, I continued with the weeding until my day was done. But before I go, an update on the nest in the Potting Shed - it is indeed a wren's nest and there at least three youngsters in it, but they are so small their beaks can only just be seen through the opening. Await further updates on their progress !

That's all for this week.

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