Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Breezy start to September

Thank God for walled gardens as it was exceptionally windy today and although the garden didn't escape, it was certainly a lot calmer on my side of the wall than the other.
Started the day as usual by sideshooting and tying in the cordon sweet peas, as well as picking those blooms which were ready (filled a florists bucket full today) then down to the greenhouse to check on the tomatoes and side shoot them too.
Whiolst I was there I pticked out some more of the Canterbury Bells from the seed trays - we now have 260 in module trays with probably the same again still to do. I also potted on the 15 x  Echinops and 12 x Guarda "The Bride" from cell packs into 3" pots.
Then it was back to spend the rest of the day weeding the lower of the two herbaceous borders, deadheading as I went.
Just before finishing I dug up some more Desiree potatoes, lifetd some more carrots and picked a heap of peas, then cut some perennials for the house - Crocosmia, Alastromera, Dahlias, Achillea, Helenium, Eryngium, Phlox and Echinacea.
Sorry no photos today - camera was required elsewhere.
And finally today - Happy Birthday to Richard for Thursday - the BIG SIX-OH, Have a great day !

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