Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

First off we have the Goods.....
I got the onions that hadn't succumbed to the weather strung up today.....

And potted up the first of the strawberry runners into 3" pots (36 today). These will stay in the greenhouse until they have developed a decent root system then will be put outside over the winter to get the cold snap they need to help promote flowering and fruiting next year. I will continue to take runners and pot them up as you can never have enough strawberries !

And the Cantebury Bells (all 260 of them, with approx the same again still to do) are thriving and putting on a wee biut of growth after pricking out

And whilst we are in the greenhouse, we have some red tomatoes !!
I also finished weeding the long borders today. they will now not be weeded again until I start to cut down the herbaceous perennials later in the season. Whilst I had my weeding head on, I weeded the old rose bed which has two roses and most of this plants from this Spring's Dahlia cuttings in it. This will eventually be full of dahlias and the roses will be moved to elsewhere in the garden
So that's the Good, now for The Bad. As a result of recent high winds from th west and south west, one of the wigwams in the bordrs whch was supporting a heavy crop of sweet peas has been blown over but not too much damage. However, the runner beans and their supports have been flattened - this is in spite of the fact that they were tethered to metal spikes at either end. They are now propped up but a few of the plants have obviously been broken somewhere - it's impossible to say where.
And as for the The Ugly....

Sodding Caterpillars have started on the PSB. Think some "Decis" will be on my shopping list for next year !

Elsewhere, I cut another bucket of sweet peas - one more week for the cordon grown plants then they will come down but the wigwams in the borders will be left til they decide to pack it in themselves.
The mixed salad leaves in the greenhouse will come out next week too as they have all run to seed now.
The rasps continue to bear fruit and send up a lot of new stems which will bear fruit next season. The Glen Ample and Tullameen are really sprouting with the Glen Moy a bit behind but still doing okay,
And so to finish, here is how things look from the potting shed today, between th showers



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