Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Il Pleut

Today was wet - no, more than wet, bloody wet - and windy too, very windy - not really a very nice day to be working outside - not that weve had too many really nice days this year.
Anyway, after watering the plants in tjhe greenhouse and potting up some small white Narcissi and some Crocosmia Lucifer corms, it was back outside into the rain.
No drastic damage done by the weather, so I started to clear up the bank above the greenhouse. This was planted with some Alchemilla mollis and this has filled out nicely to cover the edges of the steps on the upper side of the path down to the greenhouse. If it hadn't been so wet I would have planted this area up today but the ground was fit for nothing -  I have a couple of young buddlejia's in pots that were self seeded in the long borders, dug up and potted up to grow on a bit. There are also a number of Mullein in pots which will go above the Alchemilla and I have been collecting the seeds from the few Welsh poppies that have sprung up in the garden and these too will be scattered on this banking, so that it has a predominantly yellow theme.
Whilst there I weeded tha lower side of the steps which is planted up with Catmint and Lavender (a bit of a blue theme going on there).and cut back the Catmint.
Then I lifted some more carrots, three more decent parsnips and the last of the Desiree potatoes. I then turned over and weeded the area vacated by the onions and planted out 16 Spring Cabbage - whilst not ideal conditions they were getting tied of being in their pots so it was a job that needed done.
Anyway, Richard appeared about three o'clock and told me to pack up and go home as the weather was too poor to do anything more.
Sorry - no photos today - too wet, and nought worth reporting that can't wait til next week !

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