Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Alness Show and Sweet Peas

I decided that Sally should put a vase of sweet peas into this show for a couple of reasons .
1. It is a very good local show with a lot of very good exhibits across the schedule
2. There is no point in having lovely cordon grown sweet peas if you're not going to show them.
So, after picking a selection of blooms on the Thursday evening (mainly because it was dry and rain was forecast for the Friday), I took the SP's over to Alness along with my own veg entries.
Selection of vlooms was the biggest problem as quite a few had only three blooms but I finally decided an the 12 I wanted so they were staged and I left for work.
When I returned at mid afternoon, it was to find that they had come first in the Sweet Pea Section and that as well as a red card there was a trophy to accompany it.
Anyway - the trophy is away being engraved so here is a pic of the vase of 12 mixed blooms that won.

So that brings the total tickets and trophies for Sweet Peas this season to 3 firsts, a second and a third plus two trophies for best in class. Not bad  - 5 exhibits, 5 tickets. Next year, I think I will persuade Sally we need to enter some bigger shows, maybe Black Isle and Inverness. All we need to do now is choose our varieties for next season, buy more canes and a lot more rings !! 

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